Sunny Beach is the largest and most famous seaside resort in Bulgaria. Sunny Beach is located about 35 km. north of Bourgas and only 4 km from Nessebar downtown. Situated in the romantic bay in the form of a crescent, facing east. The northern part of the resort up to the last hills of Stara Planina. The choice of location of Sunny Beach is in a favorable geographical location and climate and appropriate natural tourism resources.

The climate in Sunny Beach is suitable for marine tourism. Summer sunny days are more than 80%. Like other seaside resorts mornings are cool and fresh, saturated with iodine vapor. Evenings are pleasantly cool with a pleasant breeze.

The beach is about 7 km long. and 100 m wide, covered with beautiful golden sand.

Sunny Beach offers a rich base of hotels, campsites and apartments. The resort is known as a center of cultural and social events - festivals, fashion shows, competitions. Hotels and travel agencies offer their guests many trips around the country and abroad. There are conditions for the development of conference and business tourism.

The resort has its fame as one of the places with the most developed nightlife among the Black Sea resorts. There is an incredible variety of attractive restaurants, bars, restaurants and many nightclubs and discos, offering a variety of drinks and cocktails.

During the sunny days of summer resort offers many more opportunities for entertainment, in sports, hobbies and more. Some of the amenities include: tennis, golf, bowling, surfing, yachting, swimming and other water sports. This determines the character of Sunny Beach as a prestigious resort with high quality services and offers a rich, mostly preferred by foreign tourists.

There is a varied cultural program at the resort. It hosts international festival for popular song "Golden Orpheus" and the symphony, part of the International folklore festival, fashion shows and beauty contests.

Sunny Beach is one of our most attractive seaside resorts to visit in the summer. It is not accidental that says so. Everybody knows that only here the whole summer is sunny and warm and there is no risk a storm cloud to ruin your holiday. Moreover Sunny Beach anywhere can be called luxurious. Streets and pleasant gardens and flower beds maintained, clean and regularly cleaned beaches with very fine sand and last but not the least - beautiful hotels - each of them striving to offer all conveniences for the most discerning traveler.